In December 2010 an article was published in the Australian magazine Biodynamic Growing (no. 15). 

This magazine is - of course - an excellent publication that has a nation-wide distribution.  It gives a lot of very high quality information about biodynamic.
 By clicking on the link below you can down load the article published about what I do and read it at your leisure.

 Click on this link to see the article:
 If you would like to know more about the magazine Biodynamic Growing go to their website


Gardening Australia with Costa

In June 2012 Costa came to visit The Herbal Gardener with the filming crew of Gardening Australia.  The end result is a five minute segment part of the episode of August 18th.  You can see this segment visiting the Gardening Australia website  

Select "watch" on the left hand-side column, then select the date and finally the segment you wish to watch.

Costa from Gardening Australia with Lise Racine The Herbal GardenerCosta and Lise Racine in the kitchen