The Herbal Gardener, Lise Racine
Lise picking calendula flowers in the blossoming season.

The story of The Herbal Gardener

Lise Racine came over from Québec, Canada in 1989 where she completed a degree in nursing in 1985.  She settled on a two acre property in Tallebudgera on the Gold Coast, Australia in 2003 with her four young daughters; Chris Piper came to join Lise and her daughters soon after.  The process of organic certification for the land started the following year, gaining full certification bio-dynamic Demeter in 2008.

As her daughters grew up, Lise wanted to supply them with natural herbal skin care products:  cream, moisturiser, lotion, lip balm all free of chemicals.  The interest for natural products and traditional herbalism guided Lise in the creation of the products.

She completed a traditional herbalist course in 2013.  She is pursuing studies in botanic as part of an ongoing herbal study program.

The Herbal Gardener offers natural, herbal skin care products that are hand-made on the farm and contain pure calendula oil 100% certified organic Demeter.  The calendula oil is made using traditional infusion methods.  The certified farm where we grow the calendula is situated in Tallebudgera on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Before being hand-picked, the calendula flowers are carefully selected for their vitality.  They are then dried at a low controlled temperature.  Following this process the flowers are infused in Australian olive oil certified bio-dynamic Demeter for 8 to 10 weeks.  The infused oil produced is included into the composition of cream, moisturiser, lotion, ointment, lip balm and soaps which contain no petroleum ingredients, synthetic preservatives or fragrances.

Every year we aim to establish new herbs to extend the range of our products.


Calendula oil 100% certified bio-dynamic Demeter
Calendula flowers infusing in oil.

How do we choose our ingredients?

When choosing the other ingredients entering in the composition of the products,  priority is given to certified Australian ingredients. The next choice is for Australian ingredients and finally ingredients from the South Pacific region (coconut oil for example).  This is done in the aim to decrease the carbon footprint of the products.



About calendula


Calendula flowers in the garden.

Calendula is a herb that has numerous benefits for the skin.  

It is known as "the specialist of the skin".  It helps to repair, renew and tone the skin and has been used for hundreds of years throughout Europe.

Many clients have been using The Herbal Gardener products for years and happily return over and over for their favorite moisturiser.

The calendula cultivation is a reliable, productive crop allowing us to offer you natural, herbal, chemical free skin care products all year round.



What is certified bio-dynamic Demeter?

The bio-dynamic Demeter is one of the organic certification groups in Australia.  Demeter has the strictest standards of certification in Australia and in the world.  

Bio-dynamic Demeter means environmentally friendly, ecologically safe with products that are cleaner, greener and more pure.

To gain and maintain such certification no chemicals input are allowed.  On our land the weeding is done by hand while the fertility of the soil is assured by bio-dynamic practices:  bio-dynamic preparations application, bio-dynamic compost application, green manure crops, crop rotation, soil enhancing cultivation techniques which aerate the soil while helping the structure.

The bio-dynamic cultivation method is an enhanced organic cultivation focusing on improving the soil structure and the humus content.  The results are the highest quality produce.  To know more about bio-dynamic Demeter visit www.demeter.org.au.