Fresh skin care from the ground up

What differentiate our products is the process we go through to create a natural, herbal, chemical free moisturiser products with 100% Australian certified organic calendula oil.

At The Herbal Gardener we take great care in growing calendula flowers, the key ingredient in our skin care range.

Here are the steps taken to create your skin care from the garden to your skin.


The soil and its structure

Being certified biodynamic Demeter means that the first concern is with the soil and its structure.  As such we use garden tools that will enhance the microbial life of the soil which will maintain good structure and lead to balanced plant.


Green manure

One way to feed the microbial life in the soil is the practice of green manure.  A mixture of selected seeds are grown according to the season, slashed and dung into the soil to improve the fertility without the use of chemical fertiliser.



The seeds

Calendula flowers is an annual plant which means it needs to be sown every year.  The seedlings are done from our seed stock grown on our certified property since 2007.

The seedlings are hardened to the sun before being transplanted in the garden.  The plant will then take some weeks before they start blossoming.




Garden work and harvesting

The blossoming takes place from May until September.  During that period we will pick every second day in the middle of the day.  We carefully select the flowers for their radiance and vitality.

All the maintenance work done in the garden is done by hand.  The same goes for the picking.  This allows a higher quality of herbs.





Once the flowers are picked they are immediately put to dry in our herb drier at a low controlled temperature.  This process ensures that the calendula maintain their therapeutic qualities. 

Notice the flowers on the left are fresh as the ones on the right have been dried and still have a vibrant color sign of their high quality.




Infusing and filtering

The following step is the infusion.  The dried calendula flowers are let to sit in Australian olive oil certified biodyanmic Demeter.  The olive oil is the best choice for infusing herbs as it maintains its freshness for the longest time.

After the infusion, the oil is filtered and immediately bottled in glass, amber bottles which are kept in a dark, cool, dry room.





Making of the product

At The Herbal Gardener we believe in attention to details and the human touch.  Every product is made and poured by hand on a small scale ensuring freshness in every jar.  Up to 10% of the certified calendula oil is included in the products.  No chemical, synthetic presevatives or artificial fragrances are used in the making of the products.