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Vitality, Healthy Weight and Happy Gut for Everyone April 28th or May 19th

Date:  April 28th or May 19th

Time:  9:00 to 12:00

Cost:  $85

This workshop surrounds the health of the micro-organisms living in your gut as a pillar of your immune system.  Learn why complete protein works hand in hand with this community living inside you and what you ca do to ensure you're properly supporting and nurturing your system. A light vegetarian lunch will be provided as well as the foods prepared in the demonstrations.


Learn about:   

About the microbiome – your inner garden - and its role in your health.  

How to develop a strong immune system.

Why complete protein are important for your health, short and long term. 

How they give you energy, help to maintain a healthy weight and assist in creating a happy gut. 

Why is complete protein important for your blood iron level.

How to make complete protein.

How much do you need each day. 

How to plan healthy, vegetarian, nutritive food for yourself.

What to bring:  Notes from the workshopA weekly menu.

Where:  Tallebudgera, Gold Coast


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