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Introduction to Herbalism

Introduction to Herbalism

Learn how to cultivate your internal environment and resources with herbs and natural alternatives

Workshops 2020

This is a series of 4 consecutive Saturdays.  It gives you a base to develop autonomy in natural care using medicinal herbs and natural health guiding principles.
The focus is on developing and maintaining strong internal environment and ressources as keys for your health, wellbeing and emotional state.
Develop knowledge and skills on how to care for yourself and your family for day to day health.
Each workshop covers four elements:  cultivation (gardening), a system of the body, four medicinal plants and a method for transforming the medicinal plant in a manner which makes it effective and potent.
The participants go home with homework and hand out notes including references.

  • Session 1: Premises of natural health, introduction to medicinal herbs, how they present themselves, their parts, the quality, fresh versus dry and doses, harvesting which part, when.  Model of care. Herbs – Nettle, Red clover, Raspberry, Catnip. Transforming herbs:  preparing an infusion and decoction with beneficial health properties.
  • Session 2 Harvesting what, when. Digestive system - the microbiome, how to protect and nurture it.  Herbs – Dandelion, burdock, chicory, slippery elm.  The different ways to transform herbs and how you find them on the market.  Making an effective herbal syrup.
  • Session 3: Building soil. Nervous system, caring for it day to day (calming, straightening, restoring, self care) lifestyle. Herbs – Oates, lemon balm, borage, skullcap, St John's wort  Learning about the different ways to make an extract (tincture).  Hands on, making an herbal extract.
  • Session 4: The garden:  cultivation, feeding the soil, growing conditions, propagate.  Herbs and their actions.  Natural remedy cabinet content and how to use it:  herbal extracts, syrups, cream and ointment, essentials oils, food, herbal infusions, compresses, poutines.  Day to day ailments.  Guiding premises in applying them.

    There is a possibility for the workshops to be offered as a live, online presentation.  See below.
    Dates: July 18th, 26th, August 1st, 8th.
    Time:  9:00am to 12:00pm
    Place:  Tallebudgera on the Gold Coast
    Cost:  $450.00
    Number of attendees: limited to 10 people
    Supplied:  Handout notes are given for each session to take home.
    A light meal is serve around 11:00am.


    COVID-19 brings changes 

    This year we are looking at offering the workshop via video link.

    If you are interested, register your interest by emailing your address at and mention the video.  We will let you know when this version is available.

    The photo below was taken in 2018 at the conclusion of the first workshop of Introduction to Herbalism.