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Ultimate Care Package

Ultimate Care Package

Repair, nurture and rejuvenate your skin naturally with this ultimate care package.  Everyone is included in this pack - family and friends.  No matter what is the issue you will have the answer.

Here is what is includes:

Our unique calendula oil, grown and produced on our property in Australia, certified organic Demeter bio-dynamic.  A better quality calendula oil would be hard to find.  Use it on any dry, irritated, red, sun damaged skin.  It makes a great facial oil as well as a preparation before applying make up.

It is gentle enough for children to soothe any redness or irritation.



Rose lotion, the devine and silky light lotion you can use on your body or as a facial lotion.  This lotion has true rose essential oil, no imitation, the Rose Otto Damascena beautifully combined with our unique Australian certified organic calendula oil and apricot oil.

Lavender lotion, perfectly light and calming it is sure to be popular with everyone, from the very young to the more mature.

Lemon Myrtle lotion, fresh and invigorating this lotion is light and makes a great body lotion that will nurture and soften any skin type.  Men do like very much this scent.


Facial Moisturisers

You have here the perfect choices in sizes as well as in textures from light, devine rose and richer one.  If you wish, you can have a few gifts in that selection for that special family member or friend.

Rich Facial Moisturiser - the very first blend created by The Herbal Gardener in 2006 and still a favourite of many ladies.  Every week we receive unsolicited feedback about this cream.  It is deeply nurturing and rejuvenating for the skin.  It comes in a 50 g and a hand 25 g jar which is perfect for the purse or for travel.

Rose Facial Moisturiser - the devine cream for self love, self worth and self care.  The texture is light enough to use a day cream and yet rich enough to use as a night cream also.  It is like applying pure rose onto your skin.  Combined with our unique calendula oil, the repair and care it brings is unsurpassed.  It comes in a 50 g and a hand 25 g jar which is perfect for the purse or for travel.

Rose Geranium & Honey - Here you have a rich cream with the addition of beeswax in the blend.  It is gaining more and more in popularity.  It has been compared by an informed client that it is very similar to a night cream produced by a reputed brand which I can't name.  Some clients love that cream as day cream - they swear by it for its deeply nurturing qualities.  Many clients prefer it as night cream to treat their skin to a highly repairing skin treatment.  It comes in a 50 g and a hand 25 g jar which is perfect for the purse or for travel.


Skin repair all purpose

The Certified calendula cream is simply great for all skin issues.  Its composition makes it the ideal cream to use anywhere, on anyone.  That is because of two elements:  simple composition of all Australian certified ingredients (olive oil, calendula infused oil, beeswax) and NO essential oils.  No risk of reaction even for the most delicate parts of anybody.  Trying it is adopting it.

Calendula & Comfrey ointment - this is THE best product to have on hand anytime, anywhere.  The ointment will be of great help for cut, scratches, abrasions, minor burn.  We all get these everyone and again.  With the ointment in your Natural Remedy Cabinet you have these issues covered.  The ointment has also been a saviour for mums with cracked nipples as well as people undergoing radiation therapy as they don't develop the radiation burn that other patients do.


Lip care

Our lip balm are loved by so many clients and for good reason.  They work!  They keep your lips soft, supple, intact at all time with no chemical ingredients what so ever.  My four daughters all agree:  it is the best.  And you know how daughters can be with their mother.  Well if they say those lip balms are the best, that is because they are.

Choose between light pure essential oils of orange, lavender or peppermint.


Hand and feet care

Last but not least the Soft Skin Balm.  Rich in texture and aromatic in scent this balm will make your feet and hands look 15 years younger.  Most people using it for the dry part on their body just love it and buy .... one per year.  Yes it is that good and it lasts and lasts.

If you work in hospitality, health care, nursery, horticulture, concreting this is the balm that will save your hands and make them soft again.


Enjoy the multi facets of this pack and if you feel like it, you can share some of the products.



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