April 04, 2022

A story about a skin issue and an ointment

A story about a skin issue and an ointment

A few years back a client at Northey St farmers's market a client was proudly showing me how her skin on her neck was "only" pink.  As I didn't understand the reason of her comment, I questioned her about the statement.

She explained to me that she was undergoing radiation therapy for a total of six weeks.  She continued by telling me that for most (if not all) patients radiation therapy brought on the development of a burn where the treatment is applied.  The heat penetrates the skin which eventually presents as a burn on the surface.  Depending on the state of the burn, patients may require a dressing being made to prevent infecting the skin.

This client was particularly proud of the fact that after using the calendula and comfrey ointment by applying it many times a day before and after the radiation therapy, her skin was only a slight pink similar to a light sunburn instead of proper burn.  The nursing personal were quite impressed and asked her what she had been using.

A few years forward, a friend of mine found herself in hospital, diagnosed with a  lung cancer.  Radiation therapy was applied.  While being visited by her oncologist, she was asked to show her "burn" to which she replied:  I have none. The oncologist could not believe her statement and requested to see the site of the radiation.  Upon seeing the good state of her skin at the site, he admitted that in all his years of practice he had never seen such a result.  Again, she had used the calendula and comfrey ointment.

Two weeks ago, I had the visit of a client returning to buy some more calendula and comfrey ointment.  She had been treated for a breast cancer with radiation therapy and was overjoyed by the positive results of the ointment.  It kept her skin in very good condition, slightly pink and free of irritation.  This lady has been sharing her story with many people and even posted on Facebook about her results.

What makes the ointment work so well?  Is it the simplicity and purity of the ingredients (olive oil, calendula flowers infused oil, comfrey leaves infused oil, beeswax)?  Is it because the ingredients are certified organic?  Is it because they are Australian grown as my herbalist teacher, Danielle Laberge would say:  "What grows around you is for you".

The results from the Calendula Cream for the same application did not bring the same results as reported by the above lady.  She ran out of the ointment and used the Calendula Cream yet after three days the results were not the same as from the ointment.

These comments are what is considered "anecdotal evidence" and present worthwhile informations.  Results speak out and point in directions that would be interesting to explore further maybe in some research.  For now though, we know it can helpful to prevent the development of burn and support the skin in maintaining its integrity.