Herbal Care Workshop

Herbal Care Workshop

Develop practical knowledge, autonomy, and confidence in using medicinal herbs

"Investment in knowledge always pays the best interest".   Benjamin Franklin 

* The material brings you practical information about medicinal herbs which support your knowledge in understanding how to they work, and their form of usage.

* Gain a solid understanding of medicinal herbs

* Know how to use them safely with common, day-to-day issues

* Learn how to make an infusion, decoction, herbal extract, herbal syrup, infused oil, ointment, poultices, compresses.

* Understand the difference of these mode of transformation, when, and how to use them for best results.

The workshop with practical sessions on the property has a limited number of attendees insuring the best learning experience.


Who is the presenter of the Herbal Care Workshop?

Lise Racine is an herbalist, and holds a nursing degree from University Laval (Québec, Canada).

The workshop "Herbal Care" has been ran every year since 2018.

In late 2022, the content was extended and the format improved, making it accessible to more people.


There are three possible formats for the workshop.

Option #1 Online self pace workshop gives you access to the 54 pages of downloadable documents, the five and a half hours of videos, and questions answered by Lise through email.   You do this at your pace, and your own time.  The downloadable information and videos are available for six months.

Option #2  Online workshop with three Zoom meetings.  The theory is delivered through online documents and videos.  One Zoom meeting is held at the beginning consisting of a meet, greet, and welcome session with house keeping questions being addressed to ensure a smooth learning experience.  Afterwards, a zoom meeting of two hours  is held every second week for a total of three zoom meetings covering the material.

Option #3  Online workshop with three meetings on the property in Tallebudgera Queensland.  The theory is delivered through online documents and videos. The face to face meetings run every second week from 9:00 to 12:00 doing practical exercises using live plants.  The dates for this format are selected and announced in advance with limited places available for attendees.

A note about the next intake for option #3 in 2023.
The dates for next year will be published as soon as they are established.  For the format of people coming onto the property I want to be sure to have fresh herbs growing to make herbal extract.  If the weather is “good” we have herbs growing well early in the year.  In that case the first workshop could be in March.
If the weather is not so good then the workshop is more likely to be later in the season such as August.
In the meantime if you are interested to join the workshop, register your interest and your details will be added to the “people interested” so you can be the first ones informed of the next intake.


What the Herbal care workshop consists of?

  • Six modules
  • 54 pages of supporting documents including homework
  • 60 lessons
  • Five and a half hours of videos


The topics covered are:

Module 1.  Natural health model of care and guiding principles.

Module 2.  Herbs

     Learn proper botanical identification

     Which part to harvest, and when.  

     Using fresh or dried herbs.  

     How to dry herbs and store them properly.

Module 3. Herbal transformations or processing.

     Learn how to make:    

     Infusion and decoction

     Extract made from fresh and dried herbs

     Infused oil
     Herbal syrup making

Module 4. Twenty medicinal herbs
     Common name        
     Latin name 
     Part used 

Module 5. Food

     Food as medicine



Module 6. Home Remedy Cabinet  

      Day to day care
      Weekly and monthly maintenance 
      Common issues by human systems: Immunity, digestive, respiratory, nervous,
      skin, muscles and bones.

      Develop a home remedy cabinet that you can count on
      Plan of action to implement


Online self paced workshop is available now.

Select the the option "Online self-paced workshop"  in the drop down menu and you can start today!   Instant access to the materials once you check out.


If you are interested by the practical or the zoom format

If you want to join in the workshop enrol here.

Register your interest now by emailing us at lise@theherbalgardener.com.au. We will then let you know when the course is open.


Do you have any questions concerning any of the workshop formats?

Email them to Lise at lise@theherbalgardener.com.au.