Guide and products for natural skincare layering

Layering for your skins

Our needs change day to day, so are our skin's needs.  

Some days your skin needs more nurturing and other days, it only needs a little support.  

Depending on our activities, the weather, the time of the day the skin needs different skincare going from fast absorbing calendula oil, to Extra Light moisturiser or even Super Rich and slow to penetrates the skin layers.  These products can offer great results.

Having products with different speed of absorption allow us to select the best option to nurture, hydrate, and care for your skin for the day.  Whether your skin is dry, red, dull, normal, oily, irritated, mature, this approach can be applied with ease and just some observation.

Here is what the layering practice can look like for you:

Practice A - your skin needs hydration and nurturing

1 * Wash your skin with some warm water.

2 * Pat dry lightly as to keep some moisture on your skin.

3 * Use two or three drops of calendula oil in your hands, rub lightly and apply delicately on all the face or specific area in need of more attention such dry or red skin.

4 * Use some facial moisturiser of your choice, and apply gently on your face.


Practice B - your skin needs a light nurturing

* Apply steps 1, 2, and 3 only


Practice C - your skin needs some more nurturing

* Apply steps 1, 2, and 4 only


This is a simple and yet effective approach to your daily skincare routine.

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What is layering skincare?

It is a practice where skincare product are applied one layer at a time. It consists of first lightly washing the skin, pat it dry, apply a light product such as a botanical oil, and followed by a moisturiser which can be light or rich. Doing this practice, keeps the moisture of the water locked in while allowing skincare to absorb into the skin to nurture and hydrate. Regular practice of this method bring excellent results for all skin type.

Which products do you recommend for layering skincare?

We recommend to first apply a few drops of our calendula infused oil followed by either an ultra light, light, rich or very rich moisturiser. The best option is based on your skin's needs. The drier the skin, the richer the moisturiser needs to be.