Lip balms and ointment

Care for your lips naturally and beautifully.

We offer natural scents such a sweet orange, fresh peppermint of calming lavender while the calendula and comfrey ointment is essential oil free.

Natural solutions for dry, cracked lips with calendula skincare products Australian grown and made.

Our calendula oil is certified Demeter Biodynamic since 2008.

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What is the best lip balm product?

Select a lip balm product with the purest list of ingredients. The least is best. Be sure to avoid synthetic fragrances which get absorbed in the body.

Can ointment be used as a lip balm?

A good quality ointment with pure, and natural ingredients offers great results for the lip. Be sure that the complete list of ingredients show fresh, and natural ingredients of high quality such as oil, botanical oil, beeswax or other natural wax.

Essential oil is facultative as an ingredient.