Skincare for eczema

Eczema at any age request attention and care.  The skin is quite reactive and as such needs very delicate care.  

Here are our recommendations of the products which have helped many clients.  A herbalist consultation assist to have a holistic approach to the issue to bring long term solutions.


What is the best skincare for eczema?

Eczema needs ideally to be address from inside the body. While this work is being done, it is a good practice to support the skin.

If the skin is very dry, the Calendula Cream offers good results.

If the skin is itchy, the Special Calendula is then a better option.

What is the difference between the Special Calendula and the Calendula Cream?

The Special Calendula contains 20% of fresh calendula extract which has proven beneficial in case of eczema. Its texture is fairly light.

In comparaison, the Calendula Cream is very rich with a simple formulation of olive oil, calendula infused oil, and beeswax.

No essential oil is used in either of those products.