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Herbalist consultation 30 minutes

Is this for you?

The Short Herbalist session is 30 minutes long and is for people:

with skin issues.

wanting to explore alternatives.

ready to go more than skin deep.

willing to apply different approaches.

committed to apply the solutions with consistence and dedication.


What is my background?

I hold a degree in nursing as well as a diploma in herbalism.  I have created The Herbal Gardener in 2008 and formulated the skincare care products of  the range.


What we do in a session?

A session is held over messenger or Skype. Questions are being asked allowing to gain a clear picture of the issue and how it relates to your life.

Specific suggestions are put forward which are proven, actionable, practical and easy to put in place.

The suggestions might include food, herbal teas, herbal supplements, lifestyle, supplements and/or skincare.

For people who wish to go more than skin deep.

If you are interested please email me about your issue at:

Looking forward to talk with you.


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