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Choosing your product

Here are some guidelines in selecting the best product for you.  Feel free to use it to assist you.  Otherwise you can contact us via our Live Chat app.


                                              Day                            Night

Normal skin                         Ultra Light Facial       Rich Facial

                                             Light Facial               Geranium & Honey

                                             Rose Facial    

                         Teenagers       Ultra Light Facial      Calendula Oil
                         20 to 40        Ultra Light Facial       Rich Facial
                                                Light Facial                Geranium & Honey
                                                Rose Facial    
                        40 and more     Rich Facial               Rich Facial & Calendula oil
                                                  Light Facial              Geranium & Honey
                                                  Rose Facial



Dry skin                                  Rich Facial                  Rich Facial & Calendula oil


Oily skin                                 Calendula Oil               Calendula Oil

                                                Ultra Light Facial      


Skin Issues

Sensitive                     Calendula Oil                        

Acne                            Calendula Oil                        

Rosacea                      Calendula Oil            

                                    Rich Facial                 

Psoriasis                     Calendula Oil

Eczema                       Calendula Oil

                                    Special Calendula Cream