Baby skincare products

Baby is coming?

You are eco conscious?  

You want the most delicate, safe, pure products for the gentle skin of this new person in your life.

Here are our suggestions:

  • Calendula oil
  • Calendula cream
  • Calendula and Comfrey OIntment

We recommend all Australian, certified organic, free of essential oil so there is not risk of skin sensitivity.

The simple formulation of each one of these products make them ideal the delicate skin of the baby while calendula is the renown, century old medicinal herb for all skin care.

You can trust our pure calendula flowers carefully tented on our property certified Demeter Biodynamic since 2008 transformed in calendula infused oil.

Just pure and natural.  The way is should be.



Do you offer a nappy cream?

We created the Calendula Cream for that purpose. Pure with an ultra simple formulation: olive oil, calendula infused oil, beeswax. All certified organic, all Australian ingredients, and essential oil free.

Funnily enough, many parents do like it also as a facial cream. It is a win, win for the whole family.

Is the calendula and comfrey ointment safe to use on nipple to prevent cracks?

The best way to use the calendula and comfrey ointment to prevent cracked nipples is to

1. Dry the nipple after a feed

2. Apply the ointment

3. Before the next feed, wipe any extra ointment that has not absorb

4. Feed the baby

All the ingredients are natural, Australian, and certified Demeter Bio-dynamic or organic. They are safe to use for mother and baby.