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Calendula Carefully Grown from Seed to skin

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Calendula and Comfrey Ointment

100% Australian grown, made and Certified Organic

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Calendula is a specialist of the skin

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Gentle enough for all skin types

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A gorgeous range of products that have brought my skin back to health! I've been using the 'Ultra light' moisturer, pink clay mask and calendula oil over the last 4 months and after 18 months of non-stop blemishes, my skin is finally clear and healthy again! Lise, thank you very much for your products and advice.

This is a beautiful range of face and body moisturisers, lovingly created, presented and packaged. The calendula moisturisers feel lovely and soft on the skin, and range from ultra light for quick absorption to very rich for extra nourishment, the rose otto and calendula combination adds a delicate scent, and the rose and honey blend feels soothing on the skin. I have great respect for Lise's care and attention to detail in all aspects of her business and I am very pleased I found her, and so is my skin! Thank you Lise

I purchased my first tub of the rose moisturiser at Northey Markets maybe 2 months ago now and am topping up. It has really, really helped my dry skin and soothes my acne scars and spots!
I LOVE what your business is about and that you infuse the oils yourself.

I have received my order so thank you.  I absolutely love your products. They just make my skin feel so good and they smell great as well.  I'm a very happy customer.  

We love your products so much, and are so grateful for your knowledge and care in growing the plants and creating incredible, natural, effective skin care range.My skin always feels amazing using your creams and oils, and I actually don't know what I would have done without your calendula and comfrey ointment while I was breastfeeding.

A massive thank you for your beautiful products. My skin has returned to normal and feels to amazing since using the Calendula Cream. I have bought a bottle of the Milky cleanser with my last order, it's a gorgeous combination with the face cream.

Hello! I just wanted to thank you for your amazing Calendula and Comfrey ointment. I completed 33 sessions of radiation to my face this week, right between the eyes. I used your ointment liberally and often throughout treatment, nothing else. I am thrilled to say my skin, even my eyelids, survived without any issues. The medical team said it was “phenomenal “. So thank you once again for such a wonderful product.

The calendula oil is supreme for plump yummy looking skin and

the rose 🌹 is definitely my favourite.

Your products are so good!

The layering of the oil and a moisturiser works very well for me

and I love the rose moisturiser :)

Jesse S.
Sarah P.
Tammy H.
Leanne M.
Marie E. November 2022
Bree from Victoria