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Little bags are on their way

We have been looking a low impact small bag to package some of our product.

Yet we wanted those bags to be made in Australia with as low impact on the environment as possible.

Inspired by the results of "Boomerang Bag" we contacted them to see if they could make those bags.  We learned about new fabric being reclaimed from landfill and the process in having bags made and we joined in the steps of the making.

Recently we were involved into the preparation of the fabric with the cutting.  Next will be sewing and finally the threading of the string.  We still have a little while to go yet the bags are on their way and you will see them soon appearing in your order, at the market and on the property.

We shall keep you posted as we progress in this new experience.


Here I am standing in front of 20 layers of fabric ready for cutting.

Yasmine, my daughter, joined into the process.  Here she creates the templates for the bags.

Final step, for now, done by Helen cutting 20 layers of fabric following the template created before.

Next will the sewing of the bags.