Low environmental impact packaging

Last year  in 2020 we looked into the creation of a low impact small bag to package some of our products.

We wanted those bags to be made in Australia with as little impact on the environment as possible.

We contacted "Boomerang Bag" to see if they could make those bags.  They taught us about the fact that a lot of new fabric which is not sold is destined to landfill.  That fabric is perfectly good:  no fault, clean yet not selling so the shop send them to landfill. 

Reclaiming fabric form the landfill became a very appealing solution and we wanted to be part of it.  We would use some of that fabric to make nice little bag while joining in the process of making those bags.


1. Creating a pattern and cutting

The first step was the creation of a pattern followed by cutting the fabric. We completed those steps last year.  

Yasmine, my daughter, was part of the team. Here she creates the templates for the bags.


Here I am standing in front of 20 layers of fabric ready for cutting.


Helen is cutting the 20 layers of fabric following the template created before.


2.  Sewing

The next step was the sewing of the bags.  

One set of sewing were done by people serving time in prison.  They sewed 1000 bags creating a little tunnel at the top of the bag for the string.

The second set of sewing was done by an other person doing an overlocker stitch to close the bag.


3. Threading

The final step, the threading of the piping cord is on the premises of The Herbal Gardener and is done by hand.


4. The final product

Since the beginning of 2021 the little bags Australian made from reclaimed landfill fabric have appeared in the orders we send.  They shall make it to the market no doubt at some point.


We are proud to include low impact packaging in our range of natural calendula skincare.  We care for the soil growing Australian certified organic calendula oil (Demeter Biodynamic).  We care for the products we bring being made in Australia with Australian ingredients. It makes sense to extend the caring to the packaging we use to bring you those natural products.

Caring for you, caring for the earth.