Natural skincare for oily skin

For people with oily skin I say you are lucky.  Oily skin ages well.  Some management bring the results.

Here are the favourite products used by many clients with oily skin.  These products are light, simple, non clogging.  They bring simple yet visible results.


Does oily skin need moisturiser?

To stay balanced and nurtured, oily skin needs daily moisturiser. By nourishing the skin, it will not need to produce so much oil and will bring a balance. Oily skin are renown to age well. Nourish with high quality products for best results.

Can I use oil on an oily skin?

High quality botanical oil are excellent a supporting an oily skin. It is much easier for the skin to absorb an oil than it is to absorb a crew which is much more complex and more difficult to absorb.