How your calendula skincare is grown and made

How your calendula skincare is grown and made 

We started the process of certification in 2005 and gained full certification with Australian Demeter Biodynamic in 2008 (this is the oldest and strictest organic certification in Australia).

We work from seed to seed, from paddock to packaging.

Here are the steps we take to create your natural skincare: 

1. Feeding the soil

The soil's fertility is insured with green manure crop which is grown every year.  We sow a mixture of seeds which is grown then, cut and turned back in the soil. We apply farming practices following the Australian Demeter Biodynamic principles.  To find out more about those practices visit



2. Calendula seedlings and planting

Calendula is an annual plant so it needs to be grown from seed every year. The seedlings are propagated from your seeds collected at the end of the previous year.  We have been doing this since 2007. Calendula is a medicinal herb which is a specialist for the skin.  It is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.  It helps to repair and deeply nourishes the skin.

Calendula planting, growing


3.The blossoming begins

From the time of planting, the calendula take one month to start blossoming.  The picking of the flowers is done by hand many times each week always in the middle of the day as this is the best time to harvest the flower.  The picking goes on for months.  When picking, the flowers are carefully selected for their which vitality and vibrancy.


4. Drying and infusing the calendula

Once the calendula flowers are picked they are straight away put in the herb dryer to be dried at a low control temperature.  This ensures the keeping of the calendula beneficial properties.  Following this process, the dried flowers are infused in Australian certified Demeter Biodynamic olive oil.  We buy the oil directly from the olive oil grower and buy the freshest olive oil when it has just been pressed.  

The herbal infusion is a traditional herbalist method to transform the herb. When done appropriately, the infused oil is of upmost quality and is preserved for up to 5 years. After three months of infusion, the oil is filtered, bottled and kept in a cool, dry place to preserve its quality. The same process is applied to the production of the comfrey leaves infused oil which is also certified Australian Demeter Biodynamic, the oldest and strictest organic certification.

5. Making the skincare

Each batch of product is handmade, jar set in glass jar on a small scale on the property.  This ensures the freshness of the products.  

The ingredients chosen for the formulation are selected based on a list of criteria which are in decreasing order:

Certified Australian Demeter Biodynamic
Certified Australian organic
Australian grown
Grown in the South Pacific area
Product from overseas being mainly essential oils for their superior quality.

The ingredients we DO NOT use in the making are petroleum ingredients, synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances to name a few.

6. The cycle goes on

Year after year we tend the soil with care and attention, the calendula are grown, picked, dried and infused then the skincare products made on our property using the calendula infused oil.  A simple approach that we are happy to commit to bringing you natural skincare to benefit your skin and the one of your nearest and dearest.

We pride ourselves in bringing you the freshest and the upmost quality in skincare with calendula infused oil Australian grown and made.