Skincare for damaged skin

Damaged skin need extra nurturing and care.  For best results use our calendula oil first followed by a rich cream at night.  In the morning apply the calendula oil followed by a lighter moisturiser.

The richer the moisturiser and the more regular it is applied, the better the results will be.

Here is the list of our top recommendations.


What are the best skincare for damaged skin?

The more damaged the skin is, the richer the skincare owe to be. Add to that, the formation which ideally contains ingredients that are in their purest form (so the less transformed possible), fresh, certified organic. You might want also to consider skincare products that are free of essential oil as to not have the risk to irritate a skin already delicate.

What about essential oil in skincare product for damaged skin?

If the skin has been damaged with long term exposure to sun, favour a skincare which has:

* a rich consistency

* fresh natural ingredients

* certified organic ingredients as much as possible

* good quality oil such as botanical oil

* essential oil which you know are beneficial for you

If the damaged skin is very dry, flaky, irritated favour a skincare which has:

* rich consistency

* beneficial fresh, organic oil

* low percentage or no essential oil to decrease the risk of reaction

* free of synthetic preservative, artificial fragrances, petroleum ingredients