Very rich and slow absorbing moisturisers

These products are very slow to absorbs and are known at The Herbal Gardener as the "super rich".

They keep the oil longer at the surface of the skin before being absorbed and nurture deeply.


What makes these products very rich?

We select beneficial oils for the skin in the formulation of our products. Some oil have richer properties than other such as coconut for example. There is also the quantity of water which determines if a skincare is a lotion (more watery) or a cream. Finally the ingredient binding all the composants together (the emulsifying agent) will influence the richness of the texture. These products contain rich oil with a small quantity of water and rich emulsifying agent.

Why are these products slow absorbing?

The ingredient holding the formulation together (emulsifying agent) influence how fast a skincare is absorb by the skin. For example, beeswax keeps the oils longer at the surface of the skin before being absorbed. That way the oils have more time to bring their benefits to the skin.