Skincare for acne

Acne is an issue for many people.  It is important though to continue to nurture the skin but in the most simple and delicate way.

In consultation I have seen the benefits of such an approach.  For long lasting results a herbalist consultation is recommended to allow a holistic approach and enjoy long term positive results.

Here are the recommendations for skin with acne.


What are the best skincare for acne?

Overtime I have had many people asking about skincare for acne. Here are the advice I give:

* Simplify the routine to the bare minimum

* Use products which are simple in their composition. The simplest the formulation, the better.

* Start cleansing only with warm water at first, followed by an oil morning and night

* A good quality oil, or botanical oil is easier for the skin to absorb compare to a moisturiser which is more complex

* If using a moisturiser, choose the lightest possible one so it is easier for the skin to absorb

Which moisturiser is best for acne?

If choosing to use a moisturiser, select the lightest texture one that can found.

Ask for the complete list of ingredients and select the product with the simplest and purest ingredients.

Keep your routine simple yet consistent.

Cleanse with warm water, pat dry, and apply a small quantity of moisturiser.

Can I use facial oil for acne?

A good quality facial oil with pure ingredients, fresh oil, botanical oil, no additive of preservative, blended with other oil, and certified organic is ideal.

A few drop of oil is enough to cover the facial skin and nourish well and help the skin. When some oil is supply to the skin, it then does not need to produce more itself.

Is facial clay mask good for acne?

Good quality clay mask bring good results to the skin. Pink clay is ideal for the facial skin as it is delicate in its action. Using a clay mask once a week is a good routine as it draws impurities and helps tighten the pores.