Cultivation practices on the property

Cultivation practices

At The Herbal Gardener we have been growing the botanicals entering in the formulation of our products since 2008.

Back in 2005 the certification process was started and full certification was gained in 2008.

On the property we look after the soil following the Australian Demeter Bio-dynamic practices.  This method is also a certification body recognised by the Australian authorities and meet the standard of organic practices while going the extra mile in the cultivation practices.

We aim at developing soil structure and as such care for the micro-organisms living in the soil.  

We achieve this by:

  • not applying any chemicals 
  • feeding the community of micro-organims with green manure crop
  • applying bio-dynamic preparation namely 500, 501
  • using implements which takes care of the structure of the soil
  • using the implements at the optimum time for the soil
  • using the implements at a speed that preserves the soil structure



The water used on crop on the property is rain water.  We aim at the most efficient usage of the water with permanent irrigation system which are used as needed for the soil and the crop.


Calendula is a plant which is an annual so it needs sowing every year.  We use our own Demeter Bio-dynamic seeds grown and collected since 2008.  

Other botanicals are grown as well on the property.  We aim at propagating as many varieties as we can depending on the season.


Feeding the soil

At the end of every season we aim at growing, weather permitting, one or ideally two crops of green manure.  This practice consist of opening the soil, sowing a mixture of a variety of grains, legumes, flowers.  After 5, 6, 7 or 8 weeks (depending on the weather and the state of the crop) it is cut as finely as possible and incorporated into the soil.