Hand moisturising solutions

Dry hands is a common issue.  Its causes are varied:  dry skin, frequent hand washing, use of hand sanitiser in the health care work, hospitality work with continuous hand cleansing, concret work, gardening.  The list goes on.

We have collected here the best proven products that offer solutions for moisturised hands that actually work.



What is the best hand moisturiser?

It depends on your daily activities. If you work in an area where frequent hand washing is necessary such as work in hospitality, health care, nursery, the richer the product the better the results. A very rich product used late at night and early morning would keep your hands in good condition. If you wish for a light moisturising effect, a lotion will do good work and can be used more than once per day.

What would help if my hands are very dry?

The richer the product, the better it will be. We recommend using a product with beeswax or with shea butter, which deeply moisturise and nourish the skin.