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Sensitive skin

What to use for sensitive skin?  

This is a question I am being asked every week. People with a reactive skin benefit greatly by using products which are the simplest.  Those skincare products always have an extremely short list of ingredients.  The ingredients are pure, natural, ideally grown closest to you and ideally are certified organic. A step further?  The ingredients are certified Demeter bio-dynamic, the older and strictest certification sitting a nudge above organic as it is known in the growing community.

Now back to sensitive skin.  If your skin is reactive and unsettle, step back, nurture your skin in a super gentle way and keep it simple.  

This will assist in nurturing, repairing and protecting your skin and bring it back to a calm and glowing state.

Here is a simple routine to adopt for one week:  wash your skin with warm water and apply a simple and light product.  Do this for a week and observe the results.  This is like doing a fast for your skin.

Our simplest product is the Calendula Oil.  It is absorbed quickly, is calming and soothing for any irritated, red skin. Try it and see for yourself the results.

If the skin is more damaged then use the Calendula oil or Calendula and Comfrey Ointment.

Enjoy a glowing complexion.