Herbal Care Workshops

Herbal Care Workshops

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What are the differences between the three Herbal Care workshops?

The three workshops have the theory content accessible online through videos and pdf documents.

The practical on the property, include three successive Saturday where the theory is covered with hands one practical using fresh herbs from the garden. We go deeper in the content with discussion, and questions answered. A light pause with food is shared between the participants that are 10 at the maximum.

The workshop with Zoom meetings, include three Zoom meetings of one hour covering the theory. Discussions with the participants allow to take the module material further and questions are answered. The Zoom meetings are recorded and the link shared with the participants.

The self-pace workshop is completed at your own pace when you choose to. The material is accessible to you for 12 months.

Does Lise teach all the modules?

Yes Lise Racine, created the content and teaches every module. She is available for questions at any time once you have enrolled, before, during and after the workshop.