Unscented skincare

Sometimes we want skincare without essential oil.

Here are some reasons to use essential oil free skincare: 

  • sensitive skin
  • reaction to essential oil
  • preference for baby skin
  • delicate skin on the body
  • rash
  • reactive skin
  • irruption
  • redness
  • itchy

How do you choose which one is best for your needs?

Think how fast you wish the product to absorb.  The simplest the product the quickest it will absorb. So here they are in order of speed of absorption from the fastest to the slowest:

1. Calendula oil - because it is ONLY an oil it does absorbs fast especially when you compare to a cream which a more complex formulation.

2. Special Calendula cream - this cream has a simple blend of oil, with calendula extract and a hint of beeswax which slows down the absorption

3. Calendula cream - this product contains beeswax which acts as what holds the oil part of the recipe with the water part, creating the cream texture of this product.  

4. Calendula and Comfrey ointment - the slowest absorption skincare with a high content of beeswax which means the beneficial oils remains the longest at the surface of the skin before being absorbed.  If the skin is quite affected or damaged this is the best product to apply.  It is particularly beneficial for people undergoing radiation therapy to prevent the development of a burn from the treatment.  It is also excellent in case of cracked nipple for the breastfeeding mother.

Here you go.

Explore.  See which products suit you best.

Message us if you have any question.


Why offering unscented skincare products?

Over the years some people have developed allergic reactions to chemicals contained in skincare products. Even the pure and natural essential oils can elicit skin reactions for some people. That is why we do offer some of our skincare with no essential oil added to the formulation.

Do the unscented skincare products smell nice?

The scent of these products is natural and from the ingredients only. As the products are hand made in small batches on the property, they have a fresh and pleasant smell.