July 01, 2021

7 steps assisting with acne naturally

7 steps assisting with acne naturally

Acne is a very common issue experienced by 85% of the population at some time in their lives.  That is a significant number.  Other statistics claim 95%.  While I am not sure who to believe, we know acne is an issue for many people.

Looking at solutions for acne and ways to manage it in a natural way we need to look at the overall picture, the many elements making up the life of a person.  We look at food, lifestyle, environment, stress factors, social situation and more.

At the beginning of the year a young lady came to ask for help with the acne she has been experiencing for years.  She had tried many synthetic solutions and was no happy with the side effects and neither wit the results.  She was ready to take  charge of her care plan with recommendations that would do no harm, take her whole situation into consideration, handle the root cause, work with natural ingredients while also preventing.  

Working with her as a herbalist here is what we did to start with.  Note the key word "gentle" here.  In my practice I suggest gentle natural health actions which work deeply,  with minimal discomfort and bring long lasting results.

1. Gentle clean of the intestine.  The bowel need to move every day at least once. Psyllium husk (1-2 tsp) in water once to twice a day is one solution that can help.

2. Gentle liver cleanse.  Drinking one to two cups of dandelion root tea each day for a few weeks will help to achieve that.

3. Gentle clean of the blood. Drinking one to two cup of red clover tea allows for a gentle cleanse of the blood.  Burdock is also a good herb to use  when skin issues arise.

4. Food.  Ensure to have three (good) meals per day.  They do not need to be large but regular which helps stabilise the blood glucose level.  Be sure to have complete protein at every meal and favour vegetarian protein.  Eat at least one green salad per day, using good quality oil such as cold press, extra virgin, organic olive oil.  Include good quality wholegrain which are the closest to their original state such as brown rice, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, spelt.

If you eat the way explained below, it is much more less likely to eat food which would be detrimental for your health.

5. Daily skin care.  Keep your skincare products simple.  The simpler, the better.  The least ingredients in a skincare, the simpler it is.  Here is what I suggest as skincare routine:  1. Wash with warm water. 2. Pat dry. 3.Apply an oil as fresh, pure and simple as you can find (our calendula oil I dare say meet those criteria). 4. If you wish you can apply a natural moisturiser but up to you.  If you do apply one, select (again) a very light, fresh, natural and simple one.  5. Once per week you can use a light clay mask.  It is better to buy the pure clay to which you add water.  This ensure the ingredients are kept to a minimum.

6. Stress.  Managing the stress level is a foundation block.  Whether it is deep breathing, walk on the beach, meditation, prayer, reading a book, look for what works for you.  Herbal tea which support the nervous system such as lemon balm is an enjoyable addition to an evening routine.

7. Patience.  Embracing these seven steps will bring results over three months of committed work from your part.  And the results are worth it.  Know that you are beautiful no matter what is happening on your skin.  Self care and self love is a key ingredient in managing acne.

Added to these 7 steps we also included medicinal herbs which were tailored to her needs.  Every individual is different and unique.  When creating a herbal plan of action the needs are assessed and herbs selected to respond to those needs in a holistic way.  A consultation allows to understand the global picture of the individual's situation.

The results the young lady experienced with this approach were very positive.  She came back to see me after three months and her skin looked the best I had seen for years.  She was glowing and still is.

Wishing you all the very best.

Lise Racine

Degree in nursing, herbalist.

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