June 01, 2022

Allergic reaction to a skincare

Allergic reaction to a skincare

What could be the course of action in case of a suspected allergic reaction to a skincare?  Red skin, irritation, rash, itchiness, dryness are some of the reaction that can be experienced when the skin react to a skincare.

The first step is, of course, to stop using the suspected product.  I suggest actually to stop using all skincare products until the reaction settles.  People sometimes contact me and ask for advise regarding an allergic reaction.  They ask which of my products could help them.  Yet my advice is to not use any skincare product at all.  Skincare as natural as they are remain complex for a skin which is irritated and needs time to calm, settle and return to some normality.  Applying a skincare to an irritated skin could bring about even more reaction.

Simple is best and easiest for the skin to handle.  For example a cooled infusion of camomile tea applied as compress would be a good option, simple, pure, natural.

Once the skin has settled, you be applying a clay facial mask as long as the clay is made from the power with no other additive and no reconstitution in a pre-made cream form.  Just the pure and simple powered clay mixed with purified water and using no metal with the clay.  The reason for metal not coming in contact with the clay is to maintain the clay's electromagnetic properties.  Metal renders clay ineffective.  Known to draw, clean and purify the skin, clay has been used for centuries.  Cleopatra made use of clay from the Nile to release inflammation, draw out impurities, and leave her skin smooth. 

Pink clay is particularly used for facial mask while the rest of the body benefit from using grey or green clay.  It simply needs to be mixed with water until the right consistency is reached for an easy application.  The clay is kept for a few minutes (5 to 10) and rinsed with water.

Clay does not have an expiry date.  Powered clay can be on the shelf of your home remedy cabinet for many years if you choose so.  The wonder of nature.

Back to the allergic reaction.  The skin has been left to settle, and all is now calm.

A small patch can be tested with the possible culprit or your favourite product.  Only one product is applied on a small conspicuous part of your skin.  Apply it for a few days and observe any reaction.  if all is well, test an other suspected product skincare product and repeat the small scale usage until the culprit is found and discarded.

Many clients have reported great relief from using our Calendula Oil once the skin has settled. Pure, natural, simple composition, free of essential oil it does soothe irritated skin which has had time to calm down.

Hoping this information is supportive and helpful.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have question on 041902106.