October 03, 2019

Caring for your skin from the inside: 3 fundamental elements for your skin to be its best

Caring for your skin from the inside: 3 fundamental elements for your skin to be its best

Beauty comes from inside, we hear.  And I agree.  When I completed the nursing degree in my twenties, I had gained interesting knowledge.  In the years after I searched for ways to develop and maintain health from complementary and alternative views which lead me to complete herbalist studies.

Here I share with you some simple guiding principles which can set in place some foundations in creating a glowing skin for yourself.

  1. Is the exit door open? By this I mean, really, having a regular daily bowel motion.  It is one of the first element to consider when looking at your health. The state of the inside health looks at important organs but before doing work on these we need to be sure the exit door is open and that the traffic flows out with ease and grace (as much as can be).  We need to insure there is one to two formed bowels per day.  If this is not the case then consider these options:  a) drinking 2 litres of purified water per day b) one table spoon of psyllium husk per day followed by a glass of water c) in a cup put one table spoon of whole linseed with hot water, let sit for at least 15 minutes, swallow it all before going to bed and repeat for 5 to 7 days or until daily regularity has taken place.
  1. Gently supporting the liver.  If you wish to enjoy good health for years to come it is a very wish choice to look after this organ on a regular basis.  When it comes to a “maintenance approach with the liver” there is one dead easy practice to establish in your life.  Drink one cup of “true” dandelion root every day for one week each month. I say “true” dandelion root referring to the pieces of dried (or fresh if you have access to it) dandelion root which you then prepare as follow.  
In a saucepan put one cup of water with one levelled teaspoon of dandelion root, bring to boil with a lid, let it boil gently for 4 to 5 minutes, turn off the heat, let it infuse for another 5 to 10 minutes, strain, drink hot or cold.  Ta la la!  You now have what I call a “therapeutic” dandelion root tea which do good work on your liver.  It will help to produce bile (choleretic) and will also help to expel the bile out of the gall bladder (cholekynetic).  Not all hepatic herbs have these actions.  The dandelion root tea prepared as described will do just that.  And your liver will thank you for it and within a short time, your skin will do also.
    1. How is your blood going? The blood is like the fluid in your pipes or in your blood vessels which carry out part of the wastes as well as carrying the nutrients in every corner of your body, including your skin.  It makes good sense to keep it as much as possible in top condition so the circulation is easy and efficient.  There are a few simples ways to assist with this:  a) drink 1 to 2 litres of purified water per day (no, coffee or black tea do not count)  b) add 30 ml of liquid chlorophyll to your daily drinking water c) drink nettle tea on a regular basis.  This is the one tea which can be drunk by anyone for long period of time.  It will only bring benefits to your overall health.  d) apply point #2 above.

    These 3 elements give you an excellent base onto which you can build other components.  By putting these in place you give the best chance for your skin to glow, be soft, radiant and looking just right down good.