March 23, 2020

Essential oil in your skincare, what do they do for you in time of stress?

Essential oil in your skincare, what do they do for you in time of stress?

Natural skincare is a choice for wellbeing.  It is a choice for yourself and for your nearest and dearest.  This is because what we apply on our skin does get absorbed.  Synthetic, artificial and petroleum based ingredients do find their ways in our internal organs and systems and affect them adversely.

David Suzuki (Canadian scientist and environmentalist) has on his website a list of what he calls "The dirty dozen", a list of ingredients to avoid in skincare and personal care products.  Read it here.

While our skincare bring you great benefits from calendula oil it contains and while being free of synthetic ingredients protecting your endocrine systems (as explored into this blog) essential oils bring you other benefits particularly in time of stress.

Let's see some of these actions.

Rose essential oil actions are, among others, gentle yet potent antidespressant as well as having a sedative effect (support the nervous system).  Its blossom is seen as a symbol of beauty, love,youth, perfection and immortality.  Soothing for the heart, it alleviates fear and anxiety.  It brings support and comfort.

Some of the action of lavender essential oil are antidepressant, hypotensive, nervine, sedative.  It assists in bringing balance to the nervous system.  It helps to manage stress more efficiently.

Geranium has also antidepressant properties.  It assists in relieving tension, worry, stress.  It is said to be sedative as well as uplifting.

Rosewood has an uplifting effect, bringing a general balancing result.  It is of particular interest for people who feel depressed, stressed and weight down by the worries of life. 

The information quoted here is taken from Salvatore Battaglia's book "The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy"