December 01, 2017

How can facial oil benefit you?

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How can facial oil benefit you?

Facial products abound on the market.  So many forms, texture, scents.  Many promises are made on the fancy walls of the famous shops.

What is the list of ingredients contained in these products and are they really beneficial?

Your skin is a living organ.  Your skin breathes, takes in what is applied on it and eliminates through the pores.

The body needs good quality oil to function at its best.  These oils are best taken internally as well as being applied externally.   They help to provide a suppleness to the tissues keeping them flexible and pliable.  It is a little like the oil in the cogs and wheels of a well-functioning machine.  The cells forming the skin tissue can be seen as the cogs and wheels.  As well as the fluidity between the cells, the oil is actually an essential nutritive element for your cells.

Can facial oil benefit you?  Absolutely.  Some of the benefits it brings to your skin are:

  • Nutrition
  • Suppleness
  • Softness
  • Flexibility
  • Even grain
  • Healing
  • Healthy glow 


Facial oil will be of particular benefit in case of skin presenting:

  • Dryness
  • Redness
  • Sun damages
  • Irritation

If you consider facial oil as a “food” you will want to consider the quality of the oil you are using.  The oil should be fresh and smell good.  Some oils have stronger scent when unprocessed which is good really.  The least processed an oil is, the better it is as it will contain minerals which are beneficial for your skin.  An oil that has absolutely no scent is likely to have been processed such as bleaching and deodorised.  Since I have been formulating and making skincare for over 10 years I am always very aware when selecting oils for my products.  When I see “processed” or “deodorised” in the description of an oil, it does not come on my shopping list.

Recently I was giving a presentation at an aromatherapy conference.  I had some of my products for sale including, of course, our unique calendula oil made with the upmost care and attention.  Many attendants came and try the calendula oil.  I was surprised when many of them commented on how nice the smell was as the other calendula oil they had tried smelled rancid.  An oil for the skin should be super fresh otherwise do not use it.

An element to consider when selecting an oil is your skin type in relation of how the oil works.  Here is some information.


  • Almond oil     Good for all skin type.  Light weight. Average absorption rate. Moisturises, calms, nourishes, regulates


  • Apricot oil     Similar to almond oil.  Good for sensitive and mature skin.  Fast absorption rate.  Moisturises, nourishes, anti-inflammatory.


  • Jojoba oil   Is a liquid wax. Absorbs quickly, helps balance pH of the skin, softens, calms, heals, nurtures, regulates, stimulates collagen production.  Excellent for teenagers


  • Calendula oil    Good for all skin type.  Absorbs well.  Nurtures, repairs, protects, soothing, calms any irritation.  Famous for being THE specialist for the skin.  Excellent to heal acne of teenager so no scaring is left.


  • Hazelnut oil   Light texture.  Suitable for oily skin. Fast absorption rate.  Regenerates, astringent, soothing, heals, nurtures, regulates.  Excellent for teenager.      

There you are.  Try your facial oil today and see how your skin will benefit from it.  After all it is a natural product.