November 09, 2017

How to heal cracked nipples naturally?

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How to heal cracked nipples naturally?

Cracked nipples can happen to breast feeding mothers particularly in first few weeks after the birth.

It is painful and makes breast feeding an unpleasant experience which could be so enjoyable.

The best option is to prevent it:  prepare your nipple with manipulation and massage prior to the birth, dry the nipple well after each breast feeding are some options.

If despite the best care the cracks appear you need to treat it as early as possible.

One simple, pure and natural way is to apply an ointment of calendula and comfrey oil.  The ingredients, composing the ointment, should only be natural such as calendula infused oil, comfrey infused oil, olive, apricot or almond oil and beeswax.  The simpler, the better.

How to use the ointment to heal cracked nipples?

After breast feeding, pat dry gentle the nipples and apply the ointment.  If you can repeat the application before the next breast feeding, even better.

If some of the ointment has not been absorbed before the next breast feeding gently wipe the ointment to remove the excess.  Some ointment still present on the nipples is fine just not a whole lot of it.  As the ingredients are all natural it will not hurt the baby.

Improvements of the nipples is usually pretty quick.

Keep it simple, natural and if possible Australian certified organic, Demeter bio-dynamic and all will be well.