November 09, 2021

My gift to you this Christmas

My gift to you this Christmas

Some of you will say:  you have already given us a gift with the blog "A gift to your immune system" (see it here).

Yet some gifts just keep on giving and this blog is doing just that.

People talk to me at the market and I hear conversations about worry and concern.  To tell you the truth it saddens me because life is meant to be lived, embraced and enjoyed.  I wish to share with you some knowledge based on 30 years of experience that have brought brilliant results over time.

I hope it will help to bring a feeling of ease and comfort so your Christmas and holiday time unfolds in a joyful way.

Here we go.

i wish for you to feel at ease in meeting each and every one of your loved ones knowing that your immune system is doing what this system has done for humanity for millennial age - protect and look after you.  Consider the following points which will make a difference.

First point - Did you know that your liver (yes, here it is again) is your detox centre and is fully equipped to do a fine work.  Give it some support and relax in the confidence that it will do just what it is meant to do.  Simple ways to support your liver:Laugh - be sure to do this every day.

Eat bitter greens in your daily salad - it stimulates the production of bile and the good functioning of the gall bladder.

Do some gentle exercise such a walking 15 to 20 minutes.

Drink either dandelion root, burdock root or chicory root tea.  I recommend you order those herbs from a herb farm in Tasmania which is certified organic.  They explain to you how to prepare the tea so it has health benefits. Drink one to two cups per day of either tea.  Maybe drink dandelion root for two weeks then change for burdock root for two weeks followed by chicory root tea for two weeks.  Your liver will thank you for it by functioning at its best.  Here is the link for Highland Herbs:

Reduce fatty food, alcohol (sorry yet this is important).

Second point - Eat well, good, fresh, unprocessed food.  Go on!  Make a little effort, commit and do it.  Ideally the proportion of food is good quality carbohydrates 45 to 65%, lipids 20 to 35% and protein 15 to 25%.

This topic deserves a blog on its own, nevertheless for now keep this in mind as a rough guideline.

Third point - Daily supplements that can be taken and have been proven to be beneficial are vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc.  They make the wall of your cells more resilient to invaders.  Notice that this point is third not first.  These supplements will do good work added to a supported liver and an adequate intake of nutritious food.

Fourth point - In your home herbal dispensary have on hand echinacea extract of tincture.  You can see here the herbalist wisdom.  I always (i mean always) have echinacea tincture on hand.  It works wonder every time.  You feel a little under the radar, people around you are not so well:  reach out to echinacea.  In my training we work with the drop form, 25 drops, four times per day for a person of around 70kg stimulates the immune system in producing while blood cells.  These are the soldiers within your body fighting when you feel unwell.

Fifth point - What if you want to be extra harmed?  I always have on hand activated charcoal which draws what is not meant to be in the body.  It has not side effects.  One thing to keep in mind though, it absorbs synthetic medications and make them inactive.  Keep this in mind if you are on specific medications.  You can find activated charcoal at the chemist or health food store.  An other effective element to have is kaolin, bentonite or white clay which does similar work as activated charcoal yet this one also helps to add minerals to your body.  Bentonite or kaolin clay approved for internal use can be found at 

Et voilà!  You can now unpack this simple gift and put it to work now so you can feel at peace and ready for the great gatherings.

Wishing you all the very best.