October 04, 2021

Prepare your skin for summer

Prepare your skin for summer

Summer is around the corner.  It is time to prepare our skin (and our systems in general) to be our best.

When it comes to a well functioning body and a glowing skin one organ comes at the top of the list.  It does actually perform major metabolic processes.

We are taking about the liver.  This organ is responsible for very important functions.  When your liver is healthy and working well you are half way to a healthy body.  One of the reason being the detoxification that the liver assumes within your body every minute of your life.  Nutrients such as water soluble vitamin and small particules of fat are absorbed from the small intestine and are carried directly to the liver as a first stop over.  Only fat soluble vitamin and larger fat particles bypass the liver.

One easy practice you can adopt to support your liver in a gentle yet efficient way is to include at least one green salad per day in your food intake.  

This daily green salad will have three elements which will increase the beneficial  impact on your health.

  1. The greensalad is eaten at the beginning of the meal.  Why?  Because it will stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes facilitating the digestion.
  2. Bitter greens are added liberally to the mixture of green.  Bitter greens which grow well are endive, radicchio, rocket, chicory, dandelion.  Those wonderful greens stimulates the production of bile.  By doing so the gallbladder is being flushed, possible gall stones are eliminated before they can form,  the fat in your meal will be emulsified and well digested.
  3. Pour olive oil (Australian, extra virgin, first cold pressed, certified organic... of course) generously on the green salad.  This oil will stimulates the production of bile (once more), promote lubricationwithin your body and have a positive impact on your endocrine system.

I suggest you simply add this practice to your diet for one month and notice how you feel and how your skin look.  This simple yet powerful.

Other food which are beneficial to add to your intake are food rich in betacarotene such as tomatoes and carottes.  They make an excellent complement to a salad which being precursor to Vitamin A.

A final word in preparing your skin for summer:  hydrate, nurture, moisturise using  natural skincare formulas which are as close to nature as possible. By choosing those types of skincare you make sure to not absorb hormones disruptive ingredients.

 Wishing you a great summer.