January 01, 2024

The history and benefits of olive oil for natural skincare

The history and benefits of olive oil for natural skincare

The history and benefits of olive oil for natural skincare

While olive oil has a long history in ancient times of been widely recognised for its culinary popularity, it carries a distinct history for its topical use, and beauty products. Dating back to cultures in the Mediterranean region, particularly ancient greece, where olive tree cultivation has long existed, it has continued to provide significant economic, and cultural benefits. Both consumed and applied to the skin as part of facial oils, olive oil was used to bathe in, as a moisturiser, cleanser and perfume with the addition of essential oil.

What are the benefits of olive oil

Olive oil benefits are numerous. Olive oil contains antioxidants such as vitamin E. Antioxidant properties have a significant impact in protecting the skin against damages linked to the environment bringing on ageing prematurely. In fact antioxydants help to counteract the effects of free radicals thus supporting the skin’s capacity in maintaining a soft texture.

An added advantage, olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties which aide the skin in reducing redness, puffiness and regulate an improved complexion. Oleic acid is a major component of olive oil, making up about 55-80% of its constitution. Studies have shown oleic acid to provide physiological benefits such as eliminating the presence of bacteria and fungi as well as facilitate general wound healing. A few drops of olive oil can make quite a difference to all skin types. 

Does olive oil help to moisturise the skin?

High quality oil moisturises the skin through its ability to be absorbed in the deep layers of the skin. And that is what olive oil does due to its oleic acid content mentioned above. Because of its deep absorption, olive oil nurture all skin type in a positive manner but in particular mature, and sun damage skin. It assists in decreasing wrinkles and decreasing water loss of dry skin.


Does olive oil help with acne?

It might be surprising to suggest the application of oil to an acne-prone skin. Yet, as we saw earlier in this blog, oleic acid support the elimination of acne-causing bacteria and fungi. What is more, olive oil does not block the skin’s pores thus decreasing the risk of pimples.


The quality of olive oil in skincare

Olive oil production in Australia is worth of mention.  In fact, I believe we are blessed with some of the best olive oils with olive cultivation of high quality in the country. Many Australian brands offer extra-virgin olive oil, first cold pressed and certified organic. These elements have a significant impact on the quality of the oil, its capacity in maintaining freshness and thus its beneficial properties for the skin.

Demeter Biodynamic is a certification body in Australia which apply strict and high standards of farming practices leading to high quality produce. When creating our range of skincare products, we choose to be certified Demeter Biodynamic on your property.   Our botanical infused oil  (calendula and comfrey) are made with Australian olive oil holding the same certification. We purchase the olive oil directly from the grower once the latest pressing has been completed. The freshness is of the highest level.

Worth mentioning is the fact that no use of heat is applied in the making of our infused oil. Our infused oil is a long and cold infusion process to maintain the integrity of the final oil produced.

When nourishing your skin, fresh, natural ingredients need to be used. Just as you wouldn’t actively feed chemicals to your body then the same is the case for your skin. We pride ourselves in being transparent about the complete list of ingredients use in the making of our skincare, helping you make an informed decision. Not just key ingredients are listed in our products.

Our Calendula flowers are grown and dried on our Certified Australian Demeter Biodynamic property before infusing in Certified Australian Demeter Biodynamic Olive Oil. Two ingredients, pure and simple with great benefits for your skin. Calendula flowers boast also medicinal properties recognized since the ancient Greeks. Calendula oil is often referred to as liquid gold, ideal for nourishing deeply the skin cells particularly when infused in high quality olive oil.  It is an excellent choice for skin health.

A few drops of olive oil infused with calendula as part of an everyday use is a good idea to be included in a skincare routine.  It assists in maintaining a healthy skin.

If you would like to learn more about the process we apply in the olive oil infused calendula and skincare production, there is more information here.