July 14, 2022

Calendula oil: its benefits as a facial oil

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Calendula oil: its benefits as a facial oil

Calendula oil used as a facial oil is a wonderful addition to every skin care routine. Using a facial oil is like feeding your skin, it sets it up with critical nourishment and moisture. Unlike what many people believe, facial oil does not make your skin more oily, and so is perfect for all skin types. Ensuring facial oil contains only clean, pure and natural ingredients is the first step in properly providing adequate care to your skin. Calendula oil is known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, helping to brighten and support your skin. 

The time and ways in which you use your facial oil can also aid in your skincare journey, here are some ways to use your calendula facial oil:

  • Before make up – apply a drop on your forehead, your cheeks, you chin and your nose.  Rub gently and allow it to sink in a for few minutes and you are ready to apply your make up.
  • Before bed at night – gently cleanse your face with some tepid water, pat dry and apply a few drops.  It will nourish your skin overnight leaving it feeling refreshed, nurtured, repaired. Ready to start a new day.
  • When your skin needs extra care - although you may use your facial oil daily, you can also only use it when you want to give your skin some extra nutrients. Gently cleanse your skin with some water, pat dry, apply a few drops, and leave for a few minutes before applying your night cream.  Repeat this routine for up to a week. This will visibly improve your skin.
  • Day moisturiser – a high quality facial oil can be the ideal moisturiser during the day when on the go. Choose a light oil that absorbs quickly like our Calendula Oil and enjoy a much needed refresher to your skin. 
  • Dry, irritated skin – if you happen to have some dry patches of skin or redness or irritation, applying a pure facial oil such as calendula oil is a sure way to see improvements quickly. The clean ingredients will work directly on the issue, with no risk of cuasing further irritation. Paired with an ointment such as our Calendula and Comfrey Ointment quickly repairs and rejuvinates the skin. 
  • Sun damage – calendula oil as a facial oil is particularly effective in case of sun damages. Good quality facial oil and in particular calendula oil is perfect to repair the skin.  Be aware of the list of ingredients as some facial oils are blends of different oils and essential oils.  Some essential oils can be irritating for more delicate parts of the skin. Selecting an oil which is pure and simple in its composition supports skin issues well. 
  • As a moisturiser for oily skin -  people with oily skin face the problem of moisturiser which cause skin blockages and pimples. The best way to avoid this situation while still nourishing your skin is to use a very simple product such as an oil.  A calendula oil infused in a high quality olive oil will insure quick absorption leaving the skin nurtured and looking its best.

 Try some of these suggestions for yourself and enjoy the simple and yet effective use of facial oils.

Our pure and clean Calendual Oil is the holy grail of skin beautification. Use our calendula oil as a facial moisturising and a natural treatment for deep nourishment, skin repair and renewal. Packed with health benefits and healing properties such as anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it will aid you in repairing and preventing skin imperfections. More of its benefits can be read in our previous blog post How is Calendula good for your skin?, read it here. 

Certified Biodynamic Australian, it is grown locally in Australia, handpicked and bottled with care and love.

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