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Does calendula help with scar?

October 29, 2020

Does calendula help with scar?

Attending market, having direct contact with people and their questions relating to their skin (of the skin of their nearest and dearest) is a very informative journey which I enjoy.

One question often ask at the market is:  what should I use on my scar?

Let us consider this aspect more closely.

The first element to consider is what has happened to the skin?

If the skin was broken by accident, be sure to have the skin well cleaned to ensure  there is no risk of infection.  One easy way to achieve this is to soak the affected part of the skin in purified water with either lavender essential oil or tea tree oil.

If the skin cannot be soaked then a compress can be applied.  Here is how it is done:  Fill a bowl with purified water, add 20 drops of lavender essential oil or tea tree oil, dip a clean cloth in the water, ring it to take the excess water out yet having the cloth still wet, apply on the affected skin and keep it in place for 10 to 15 minutes, repeat two to three times.

Once this is completed I recommend you apply one of the following three options depending on the state of the skin.

If the skin is slightly damaged such as dry, irritated or red, apply calendula oil.

If the skin is more damaged and need to stay moisturised, apply a rich calendula cream.

If the skin is more damaged and need repair such as a cut, minor burn, presents abrasions, apply calendula or calendula and comfrey ointment. 

The rule is:  the more damaged the skin is,

the richer (and slower to absorb) the skincare needs to be.

Calendula oil absorbs very quickly.

Rich calendula cream absorbs in a slower manner and if the ingredients include beeswax it will take longer to be absorbsed doing excellent repair work on the skin.

Calendula or calendula and comfrey ointment is very slow to be absorbed as it contains a higher proportion of beeswax, keeping the oil longer at the surface of the skin and doing repair work.

If the scar is from a surgery, the best option is that once the risk of infection has been eliminated, start applying calendula ointment or better calendula and comfrey ointment as soon as possible.  Apply it many times each day to speed up the recovery of the skin.

A medical research published in 2018 actually confirmed that calendula ointment brought good results with no side effects when used for a cesarean wound healing.  You can read the results of the research here:

Calendula does wonder for the skin as it has anti-oxydant and anti-inflammatory properties.  Comfrey on the other hand assists in recreating the skin.  You can see why an ointment containing both is the ideal skincare to repair damaged skin and bring the best possible outcome for scar.