November 23, 2017

What to pack for your travel skin care

Rich facial moisturiser, Australian, calendula oil, facial oil certified organic, light facial moisturiser.

What to pack for your travel skin care

You have your ticket, your passport, your money (whichever form this might take) now it is time to pack.

What shall you take for your skin care?  Travelling on airplane can make your skin quite dry, itchy and sad looking.  The dryness can follow you for a few weeks after.  Avoid these unpleasant problems by packing these essentials elements.

Lip balm
Choose a natural lip balm make from the best quality vegetable oils that will nurture your lips and keep them plump.  The air on the plane does dry out your lips.  Be sure to keep them well protected and you have lips that look good.

Facial oil
Natural, pure, ideally certified facial oils do wonders for your skin.  They nourish, nurture and in some cases even repair your skin while penetrating quickly.  A pure calendula oil can be a great option.  Select one which comes in a bottle of 20 to 50 ml with a dropper; that way you can easily have it with you on the plane and make us of it as often as necessary to keep your skin well moisturised.  The dropper allows you to make use of the small quantity of oil you need while keep the rest of the oil fresh, clean and extend its life.

Keep with you on the plane a small jar (let’s say 25 g) of a light and a rich facial moisturiser. Apply it before to get on the plane and reapply as necessary.

When travelling the weather is often different from where you are leaving.  Your skin is likely to react to the change of weather conditions.  If the temperature is colder than where you normally live, you will need a richer moisturiser than what you usually use.  Have at hand also a lighter moisturiser for when your skin settled and adapts to the new climatic conditions.

With these four basic essentials skin care you can go confidently on your travel and have a well moisturised skin.