May 27, 2021

Winter layers

Winter layers

Winter layers

Winter, even in Australia, equals layers.  First thing in the morning I like to keep warm with two or three layers of clothes on, socks included.  As the day progresses then layers come off only to come back on from around 3:00 pm.

Our skin need daily care and nourishment particularly in winter when the temperatures are colder and the air drier.

Have you tried to apply this practice to your skincare?  Let me say it out right, it works wonders every time for normal, dry, mature skin.

Here is how it is done.

1. Gentle cleanse - first off in the morning, warm water does excellent work.  If you do not apply make up, the same will do well at night.  If you do have make up then I recommend a gentle, milky, natural cleanser.  Be sure the cleanser does not strip the good natural oil from your skin.

2.  Put in your hand a few drops of the best botanical, light oil you can find.  (see why our certified all Australian calendula oil is so beneficial for this).  Rub between your hands lightly then apply over your face paying particular attention to the drier area such the nose, the cheeks, the lips while covering the whole face.  If the oil is light enough you can pat gently around the eyes.

3. In your hands rub a hazel size of your favourite facial moisturiser.  Rub gently between your hands then apply all over your face particularly the area which need more nourishment.

In the morning, I suggest to follow the application of the oil with a light facial moisturiser.


At night, the oil application is followed by a rich facial moisturiser.

Take time to observe your skin and read what it tells you.  If the skin is really well moisturised then the oil application might be enough.  Let your skin talk to you and be sure to listen.

I suggest to you to try this simple, yet highly effective approach if only for a week (or even better two weeks) and see the benefits for your skin.  You will be surprised by the compliments you will get from the people around you.  I certainly get them regularly.  I am always surprised yet happy.

Winter is the perfect time of the year to embrace a daily skin care routine which bring you glowing results.

Wishing you all the very best.