Difference between organic and biodynamic

Over the last few decades we have seen the growth of organic agriculture and with it the certification of these practices.

What does it all mean?  Let me share some information here on this point and in particular the difference between Biodynamic and organic.



The Biodynamic method of cultivation was brought to Australia by Alex Podolinsky in the 1950's.  He farmed himself for many years with great results before sharing and teaching the method.

More can be read about the method on this website:


This method is now known as Australian Demeter Bio-dynamic.

Demeter Bio-dynamic became in 1967 a certification body in Australia.  The certification process is administered by Bio-dynamic Research Institute, known as BDRI, and observes all the national organic standards and goes beyond.

At this point in time (November 2019) there are five bodies of organic certification in Australia which are:


Australian Certified Organic

Bio-Dynamic Research Institute (BDRI)


Organic Food Chain

Southern Cross Certified Australia.

Out of these five bodies the oldest certification body is the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute.

Many people in the industry agree that the Bio-Dynamic Method and certification is an enhance organic practices which places it a level above all the other practices and certifications.  One element which explains this is because to be certified Bio-Dynamic by the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute (BDRI) you need to apply the cultivation method as developed by Alex Podolinsky.

This method is focused on the development of

  • Soil structure
  • Humus onto which the soil depends for its fertility and resilience
  • Growth of healthy and balanced plants
  • Produce of the highest quality

It is much more than being allowed or not allowed to apply certain input into the soil.

If you wish to know more about the method visit this website:  http://demeterbiodynamic.com.au

If you wish to know more about becoming certified visit this website:  http://www.demeter.org.au