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Cleanse, nurture, restore

Enjoy gentle, effective, natural skincare that cleanse, nurture deeply and restore.

This pack contains:

Cleanse with our Milky cleanser.  It removes make up, dust, impurities.  It is alcohol free and leaves your skin smooth, fresh and light.

Nurture with one of our Facial Moisturiser.  Choose between Rich Facial, Light Facial, Ultra Light Facial or the Rose Facial.  Each are made on our property from different blend of oil we have created at The Herbal Gardener.  Their ingredients deeply nurture your skin leaving moisturised and hydrated.

Restore with our unique Calendula Oil certified Australian Demeter Biodynamic.  Our calendula oil assists in correcting blemishes, restoring your skin to a glowing, even tone.  Use the oil on its own as a fast absorbing moisturiser or apply it first before layering, to combine it with the Facial Moisturiser to increase the repair qualities of the facial tissues.

Try it and see how it improves your skin.

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