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Special Calendula Cream

The Special Calendula Cream has proven for the last 11 years to be very beneficial for people suffering with eczema.   Its effects are linked to the calendula extract made from the fresh plant as well as the certified Australian Demeter Biodynamic calendula oil we grow and produce.  People using the cream report how their skin has never felt so good and soft.  Red, irritated and raw skin become soft, supple, pink and intact.

The formula is essential oil-free, which makes it ideal to be used on sensitive skin.

The Special Calendula Cream can be used:

  • In case of eczema
  • For dry skin
  • On skin redness
  • To decrease rosacea 
  • Assist in case of acne
  • For Psoriasis
  • For Dermatitis
  • For skin irritation
  • For sensitive skin
  • For reactive skin
  • As well as a facial moisturiser

Our Special Calendula Cream is natural and free of parabens, synthetic preservatives, petroleum ingredients, artificial fragrances.

The complete list of ingredients is listed below as well as on the label.  You know there are no fillers or other non active ingredients added to the blend.



  • Purified reverse osmosis water
  • Vegetable palm oil free glycerine
  • Emulsifying wax
  • Calendula extract
  • Certified Australian Demeter Biodynamic Calendula infused oil
  • Australian almond oil
  • Certified Australian Demeter Biodynamic olive oil
  • Certified organic coconut oil
  • Australian apricot oil
  • Australian jojoba oil
  • Australian raw beeswax
  • Rosemary extract (as a natural preservative for the oil part)
  • Citrus seed extract (as a natural preservative for the water part)

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