The Essentials Collection

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This collection is an ideal daily routine combination of products.

As we need different food depending on our level of hunger so our skin needs different level of nourishment at different time.

Your skin is dry - layer the products by using the oil on a slightly damp skin followed by the application of a the Rose Geranium and Honey Facial Moisturiser.  Repeat for a few days for up to a week.

Your skin is slightly dry yet has some moisture -  in the morning use a moisturiser such as the Rich Facial Moisturiser or the Rose Facial Moisturiser (divine!) or the Light Facial Moisturiser.  At night you can layer as per the point below to keep up the hydration effect.

Your skin is normal neither dry or oily - in the morning apply the facial moisturiser of your choice depending on how you feel you wish to have scent and texture wise.  A night apply either the Rose Geranium and Honey Facial Moisturiser or the Rich Facial Moisturiser to keep the hydration level.

Your skin is well hydrated - apply day and night the Calendula oil as a light moisturiser and keep your skin looking radiant.

The elements in The Essentials Collection from ultra light and fast absorbing to super rich and slow absorbing stock your skincare cupboard with natural skincare that work for your skin when and how you want it.

It includes:

Calendula oil certified organic, Australian Demeter biodynamic, grown and made in Australia.  It is essential oil free, infused in Australian olive oil (certified organic, Australian Demeter biodynamic).

Extra Light Facial Moisturiser, 25g contains 5% of our certified organic calendula oil

Rose Facial Moisturiser, 25g contains 10% of our certified organic calendula oil

Rich Facial Moisturiser, 25g contains 10% of our certified organic calendula oil

Rose Geranium and Honey Facial Moisturiser, 25g contains 5% of our certified organic calendula oil.

You save 10% when buying this collection compare to buying the individual items.