August 31, 2020

7 step guide to skincare layering

7 step guide to skincare layering

Caring for your skin daily and keeping it moisturised can be a challenge.

Which product will fulfill this needs day, night, tomorrow, over the weekend, after the beach, while at work, etc.

The truth is, not only one product will offer the perfect moisturising effect day in, day out. Our skin’s need change over time and the environmental condition we are living in is a crucial element to consider.  Are you spending more time indoor or outdoor?  Are you spending your day in air conditioned or natural air flow.  Is the weather cold, dry, humid, windy, overcast, full sun?

Your skin’s need will vary day by day.  Yet the simple approach I am sharing here for moisturising makes a difference for all ages.

I call it layering and the effects it brings to the skin are simple yet profound.

To layer I recommend to own three products which form the base of your skincare.  You combine them based on your skin’s need.

I suggest you assess your skin twice during the day, ideally morning and night.  Is your skin normal, dry or oily at that moment of the day?  Is your skin hungry for moisturising or not?

The three products I recommend for your skincare cabinet are:

A botanical oil
A light moisturiser
A rich moisturiser


Now you are ready for layering.

Here is how it works.

  1. Use some water to lightly rinse the skin on your face.
  2. Pat dry gently so to keep some of the water on your skin.
  3. Apply a few drops of good quality botanical oil on your face and neck.
  4. Choose either one of the following three options -

           4.1 Do not apply anything else as the botanical oil.

          4.2 Apply a light and quick absorbing moisturiser.

          4.3 Apply a rich moisturiser to give your skin extra nurturing.


Repeat this approach morning and night.

The botanical oil brings makes an excellent ultralight moisturiser on its own and, if it is of good quality, will absorb quickly, penetrates the deep layers of the skin for nourishment, protection and repair.  Favour a botanical oil which is certified organic, or even better Demeter Biodynamic (see the certified calendula oil we produce here) and grown in Australia for the best quality.

Applying a light facial moisturiser after the oil adds nourishment and moisturising effect. 

Applying a rich facial moisturiser after the oil bring extra food for the skin in need of nurturing, repair and protection.

Your skin is an organ which needs nurturing, care and attention on a daily basis for best results.

Observe your skin attentively and adapt the level of moisturising based on what your skin needs.


Layering is one simple and flexible way to attend

to your skin's need which works wonder.


I feel the need to add here that this approach applies to women as well as men.  One male client shared with me last year how he has been using this technique and how happy he is with the results he is getting.

Try it for a week and see the results for yourself.  Adjust which product you use, when and observe how your skin reacts.

To select the best light or rich moisturiser for your skin, read my blog about this question here.

We all need care and nurturing on a regular basis to function at our best.  Your skin is no different.