November 04, 2019

Shine even in busy time

Shine even in busy time

Busy time sometimes equal skin not as shiny or glowing as it could be.

Is it your case?  How does your skin go when you are under stress?  Many things to juggle plus let's say Christmas?  Or some 'special' event come on top of it all and your skin looks dull.  Have you that happen to you?

Well you are not the only one.  Around Christmas time, every year,  people contact me with skin issues.  Usually they are after solutions that will work quickly, very now, or even better, last week.

We all know it hardly works like that.  If a product works that fast it means it is very strong which often brings with it side effects.

I am sure you will agree it is much better to work in a steady way and look a little forward when wanted good solutions.

As an herbalist I want to share with you a little secret when it comes to skin glow and a plump texture.

Your skin is part of the whole picture and is linked to a few organs within the body.  These systems are the liver, the intestins and the nervous system.

When those are well supported you put in money in your 'skin appearance' bank account so to speak.

In the last blog (read it here) we saw how some simple herbs that can help support the first two systems now let's see some simple ways to nurture your nervous system which by rippling effect will help your skin looks its best and show radiance.


Our nervous system can function broadly in two different mode

Sympathetic system:  survival mode, linked to organs spending energies such as brain, heart, liver, lungs, etc.

Parasympathetic system:  relax mode, linked to organs manufacturing energies such as digestive, lymphatic, kidneys, elimination organs, reproduction.

During the day consider modulating your level of activities.  This helps with the production of cortisol (secreted by the kidneys), which ideally peaks during the day and comes down lower at the end of the day allowing for a restful sleep.

One simple exercise you can do during the day is to take time to breath and become more aware of your breathing.  By simply doing this you help the parasympathetic to be in charge and bring all your systems in slowing down mode.

An example of such a breathing exercise is to count up to 3 when breathing in and counting 6 when breathing out.  Just doing this for a few minutes will automatically bring your system in a more relaxed mode.  By taking double the time to breath out compare to breathing in is like using the hand brake in the car to slow down.

An other example of an easy breathing exercise is to count up to 5 when breathing in and count up to 5 in treating out.  This assists in balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.  It is easy.  You can do it anytime, anywhere.  No one will know you are doing it.

In time of stress, consider doing it every hour, or every second hour and see the results.  Your thinking will be clearer, more focused, more rational.  The mountains will go sort of flatter.  The cortisol and adrenalin (stress hormones secreted by the body that makes us go faster) will decrease allowing you to slow down and let go of a wrinkle or two.


When taking time out - which form does this take for you to really feel nurtured and recharged?   Are you more attracted by the earth (walk in the forest or dig in the garden), the water (bath, dip in the ocean), the sunshine (sunbath), the sound (soft music)?  Maybe a combination of them works best for you.

By taking time to modulate your activities, breathe and having time out you support your adrenals and decrease the production of cortisol.  It brings a deeper relaxation to your body.  The muscles can relax and let go.  That include your facial muscles and let your inner beauty shine.

Try it and enjoy its rippling effect in all aspects of your life.

Suggested reading:  Hardwiring happiness, Rick Hanson.  I discovered it a few years ago.  Good read.