September 09, 2022

Spring clean

Spring clean

Spring is here!  At least in the Southern Hemisphere.  Spring is an ideal time to spruce up and apply gentle, effective cleanses for inside as well as for the skin.  Let's dive into it.



A routine of some exercise of at least 30 minutes every day does wonder for all the being.  It can be as simple as a brisk walk.  By doing this all the systems are activated, oxygenation is increased, and the spirit enlivened.  Make it a habit and feel the difference.



A food that has a positive impact on your skin is including one green salad per day, ideally eaten at the beginning of the  meal.  Consider including in your salad bitters such as dandelion, radicchio, rocket, chicory.  As mentioned in your previous blog "Prepare your skin for summer" it benefits greatly your digestive system and in turn your skin.

Drink 1.5 to 2 litres clean water every day.  This simple practice support your kidneys and gives you energy.  Many of us present signs of dehydration before we even realise it with low energy level being one of the first sign.

Include also in your daily food intake high quality protein, carbohydrates, lipids while avoiding fried food, sugar and alcohol.


Support the liver

This important organ deserves your attention being either daily, weekly or monthly depending on its status.  The liver is your detoxification centre.  By taking good care of it, you support your overall health short term as well as long term.  See  our previous blog "Liver health and your skin" on some simple ways to support it and reap the benefits.


Scrub, face mask and moisturiser

Simple, gentle, cleansing routines do make a difference to your skin's appearance.  Which scrub to use is the question.  I love the idea to make one at home with fresh ingredients so it is available anytime, natural, effective and yet gentle.  A cleanse does not have to be harsh to bring benefits.  Gentle and regular will do wonders.  In the blog "Easy and simple home made face scrub" we share valuable information for you to apply in the comfort of your kitchen and bathroom.

Following the face mask, some raw honey can be applied and left on the skin for 5 to 10 minutes and see how it brings more blood circulation to the surface of the skin. This action brings more nutrients to the skin, nourishing it.

Face mask is an other favourite of us.  You can find a few different type of face mask on the market being white clay, pink, yellow, grey.  The simplest and beneficial is the single clay in powdered form that can be found at health food store or online.  Of all the different type we recommend the pink clay as being the most gentle for facial use.  "Why using clay as a face mask and how to prepare it" is one of our blog where you can see how to prepare, and use it.

And now for the final touch: a natural moisturiser.  Which one would best suit you?    The moisturiser with the texture that you enjoy the most, so you will use it with joy.  The more damaged the skin, the richer the moisturiser would be.  Having a choice of moisturiser's texture available at any time allows you to apply the moisturiser needed at the time.  If the skin needs only a light nurturing, a botanical oil like the calendula oil can be used or a light facial moisturiser. If the skin has been exposed to the weather elements, a richer moisturiser offers great results.

See our collection of different moisturisers here.

Wishing you a great spring renewal for 2022.  May you shine your light.