February 27, 2023

Natural remedies for rosacea?

Natural remedies for rosacea?

Natural remedies for rosacea?

In this blog we have a look at what is is rosacea, the prevalence, and its manifestations.  While considering the process which seems to be involved in the presentation of rosacea, we look at approaches able to bring support in managing the symptoms.  Finally we will look at some products which clients have reported positive results in managing the occurrence of rosacea.


What is rosacea?

Rosacea is defined as a skin issue which involves flushing, superficial redness, red pimples and pustules (Van Zuuren et al., 2015).  It is considered to be a chronic condition and is reported to be more prevalent for women (Rebora, A., 1987), especially for the initial stage of the presentation of redness (erythema).  Rebora mentions that emotional stress, drinking alcohol or hot beverages as well as a usual meal can bring on the manifestations.  The age often cited for the appearance of the redness is frequently the late thirties.

In the light of these informations let us consider some options supporting the skin presenting rosacea.  

Supporting the skin with rosacea

Rebora points at emotional stress, and drinking alcohol.  As a herbalist, these two elements talk about support to the liver.  As seen in a previous blog (Shine even in busy time), stress affects the liver which in turn is linked to the state of the skin.  While drinking alcohol can be a pleasant social activity, it is good to remember its impact on the liver (once more) .  This blog might bring interesting elements about drinking alcohol and your liver.  (Liver health and your skin). 

Food can play a simple and significant role in the appearance of our skin. Rosacea is a prime condition that can be helped with food.  Caring for your skin from the inside is a one of our blog presenting useful elements in that regard.


Products which have brought positive results for clients with rosacea

Clients experiencing rosacea have reported positive results with decrease of the redness on their facial skin using two of our products.

Our Calendula oil,  

Our Rich Facial Moisturiser,  

Is it because of the content of anti-inflammatory and antioxydant?  Is it linked to the quality of the oils entering in the composition of our products?  These questions are yet to be answered.



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